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Under Armour’s heart lives in Baltimore, MD. Right on the Inner Harbor, our headquarters has more to offer than a few nice views. This multi-building campus houses state-of-the-art amenities like our gym, cafeteria, coffee shop, product showrooms, concierge, and more. With shuttles between buildings, a water taxi that’s free to UA employees, and great bike access, it’s more than easy to get on and off campus.

It’s off campus where the greater Baltimore area shines. The city’s outstanding restaurants, bars, and seafood focus mean the night scene has something to offer everyone. Museums, historic sites, free festivals, shopping, family friendly activities and more make the city a vibrant place to explore every day. Plus, living in the greater Baltimore area means having easy access to beaches and cities like Washington, DC, New York, and Philadelphia. From the city to the suburbs, living anywhere in the Baltimore area has a lot to offer.

Our brand lives in a place that is just like us: humble, hungry, full of the unexpected, and always growing.