Together, we thrive. In every role, every position, and with every unique skill, you contribute to our collective success. Whether in our Global HQ in Baltimore or our offices around the globe, our corporate team is the spark that ignites our vision. Join us, and you become instrumental in bringing our products to life, working alongside top-tier talent, and fueling the innovations that revolutionize the athletic experience worldwide.

  • Customer Service

    Our dedicated Customer Service teammates ensure customers' satisfaction and loyalty. From resolving inquiries with expertise and empathy to providing seamless support across various channels, our Customer Service teams play a pivotal role in creating positive experiences and are the bridge between our brand and our valued customers. 

  • Design & Innovation

    Joining the Design Team means stepping into a realm of boundless creativity and innovation. Our team across apparel, footwear, accessories, color, materials, and graphics push the boundaries of design, redefine trends, and bring our brand to life across every product category. Be part of a culture where your creativity takes center stage, turning ideas into iconic innovations that inspire athletes globally. Every sketch, every color, and every concept contributes to our legacy of pushing the limits of performance and style.

    Design Jobs

  • Digital & Technology

    Our Digital and Technology teams are the architects of our consumer experience, from pioneering Digital Fitness applications to optimizing our Ecommerce Platform, transforming Consumer Engagement, and elevating the retail store experience. This team thrives on innovation, pushing boundaries to create a tech-infused environment where every click, tap, and interaction is designed to enhance and inspire.

    Digital Jobs

  • Finance & Accounting

    Our Finance & Accounting teammates are at the forefront of financial strategy, driving fiscal responsibility and ensuring the sustainable growth of our global brand. Collaborate with experts in financial modeling, analytics, and compliance, shaping the financial backbone that propels Under Armour's success. Delve into diverse opportunities across various groups, including Financial Planning & Analysis, Accounting, Tax, and Treasury to make a  lasting impact on the bottom line and elevating our commitment to excellence.

  • Human Resources

    Our Human Resources teams are dedicated to fostering a workforce of unparalleled innovation. We specialize in creating programs that attract, retain, and reward individuals who drive our company's growth. We are stewards of culture, organizational effectiveness, talent, and change, our global Human Resources community brings expertise in talent planning ,talent acquisition, development, compensation and benefits, and employee relations. Collaboratively, we shape a motivated, diverse, and engaged global team, fostering an environment where every member contributes to the success of Under Armour.

  • Legal

    Within our Legal Team, Teammates span across various roles ranging from Global Ethics & Compliance, Employment Law, Data Privacy, Intellectual Property and Brand Protection. Join a culture of excellence as we shape ethical practices and drive the business forward, always upholding our commitment to 'Protect Our House.' Our Legal team is a collaborative environment where your legal expertise contributes to a lasting impact. Explore opportunities to redefine the future of legal practice, crafting a legacy that stands the test of time.

  • Marketing & Creative

    Our Marketing & Brand Creative team develops innovative marketing campaigns, athlete and team partnerships, and crafts compelling creative across all consumer touchpoints – from retail to digital and beyond. These passionate minds are dedicated to pushing boundaries and redefining the consumer experience. They are the driving force behind stories that captivate our global audience, and play a key role in propelling Under Armour to new heights.

  • Product & Merchandising

    Our Product & Merchadising teams are where innovation meets market trends. Whether specializing in Product Line Management, Global or Regional Merchandising, Merchandising Planning or Pricing, each playing a crucial role in shaping our cutting-edge products. As a member of these groups, you'll be instrumental in translating market insights into captivating, performance-driven collections. Join us and turn your passion for product and merchandising into a career that leaves an indelible mark on the world of sports and lifestyle.

  • Supply Chain

    Fueling the heartbeat of our business, the Under Armour Supply Chain team is a driving force behind our operational excellence. From sourcing to distribution, our dedicated professionals work seamlessly to propels our products from concept to consumer. The Supply Chain team navigates the intricacies of global logistics, distribution, inventory management, and demand planning, ensuring that our performance-driven gear reaches every corner of the world.

  • Sustainability

    Our Sustainability team is a constant catalyst for positive change in the world of performance athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories. Aligned with our core value to 'Act Sustainably,' our team is at the forefront of innovation-driven solutions to address global sustainability challenges. As a global innovator, we strive not only to inspire with groundbreaking performance solutions but also to lead the industry in reducing negative impacts over time.

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