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Defines Us, Unites Us

Our values are an expression of who we are and how we work to make you better.

We Live Our Values

Our values are the threads that connect our teammates and the work we do at Under Armour. They are the how behind the what and guide everything we do.

Our Values

Our values represent our character—what we do, how we do it, and why. They define us and guide all of our actions.


Make things that make them legendary.

Athletes are our consumers, from the best of the best to the ones just getting started. The reason we get up every morning is to make things they can’t live without. They want to go beyond the next level and we’re going to take them there.


United we win.

The power of sport is fueled by every race, nationality, gender, orientation, and creed you can imagine all over the world. We’re proud advocates for equality, justice, and opportunity for all. Together we will be a force for good.


Adversity fuels victory.

We will fight for each other and the communities we represent as a team. And we’ll never quit, because we know adversity only makes us stronger, and strength leads to victory that is oh so sweet.


Dare to lead. Never follow.

Never follow. We’ve never been good at follow the leader. From day one, we’ve had the courage to defy convention, think boldly, and dictate the tempo. We don’t chase culture, we create it. And we’re not going to stop now. We’re just getting started.


Live at the center of the consumer’s life.

All day, every day. Our connection to the athletes we serve is what sets us apart. Face to face, digitally, in competition, and in training, UA shows up wherever athletes live, work, and play. And we show up big.


Completely honest. Perfectly imperfect.

The only way we know how to be is transparent. You see our triumphs and our shortcomings. That’s okay because our willingness to show our imperfections helps us learn and grow as a team.


Better athletes in a better world.

Here’s the future we want to see: the best performance imaginable on the cleanest Earth possible. That’s why we’re working to create innovations that fix the problems athletes don’t even know they have in the most ethical, efficient, and sustainable ways we can. This planet is our home field. It’s the only one we’ve got…and we’re going to protect it.


Take time to take pride.

We’re a brand built on what’s next. But it’s the victories—big, small, and everything in between—that bring us together as a team. We’re never afraid to celebrate our accomplishments and have a little fun. Because at Under Armour, every win is a team win.