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Behind the Brand

The culture we’ve created makes it possible for you to do your best, be your best, and get better—every day.

Diversity Unites Us

Bold. Hungry. Thoughtful. Ready to learn. Innovative. Motivated. Human.
At Under Armour, we believe that we are stronger when people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives come together in support of athletes across the world. Embracing diversity not only enhances our culture; it drives our business success, ultimately helping us to deliver the most innovative products that make athletes better. Our teammates reflect the diversity of our consumers and our work embodies a culture of inclusion that respects and values our global community.

One of the ways we foster inclusion is through our Teammate Resource Groups. These are teammate-led networks that promote cultural awareness, encourage professional development, amplify business strategies, and support community outreach. Teammates around the globe have access to our Teammate Resource Groups, creating support for the many diverse people that work at Under Armour. We currently have Teammate Resource Groups, but our list is always growing!

  • ABILITIES advocates for teammates with diverse abilities through awareness and inclusion. Visible and invisible abilities. Allies. Every teammate is welcome. We celebrate all Abilities. Including, but not limited to: mental health, cognitive inclusion, physical disabilities, injuries, service animals, support for parents/caregivers/children.

  • BEAT (Black Employees Achieving Together) strives to cultivate a communal atmosphere designed to create and maintain professional growth opportunities for Black teammates at UA. Through career, community and consumer-focused initiatives, BEAT will incorporate the passion and tenacity of the brand to help make our teammates community and athletes better.

  • Green Machine fosters sustainability-related innovation by generating new ideas, supporting UA’s key Sustainability priorities and advancing the education and engagement of Teammates.

  • Latino Alliance’s goal is to create an inclusive environment in which Latinos can flourish internally while helping Under Armour effectively engage our communities externally.

  • LEAD (Leading Empowering Asian Development) increases visibility to the dynamic presence of the Asian community both inside and outside the organization. LEAD will provide a platform to share knowledge and enhance teammate engagement. LEAD enhances UA’s diversity commitment and promotes cross-cultural awareness of the Asian Community.

  • Parents for Professional Growth (PPG) aims to provide support, information, and networking opportunities for working parents at Under Armour advocating for the policies, resources, and fair treatment that encourages their career advancement. PPG strives to be a resource to help recruit, develop, and retain employees.

  • Unified (LGBTQ+ & Allies) has a mission to establish Under Armour as an unquestionably safe, friendly and empowering workplace for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ). It emphasizes the inclusiveness of Under Armour's current mission to empower ALL athletes to build credibility with the LGBTQ athletes, working to develop and operationalize business strategies focused on the untapped buying power and social influence of the LGBTQ consumer.

  • VETS (Valuing Everyone Through Service) has a mission to connect with veterans across the organization to encourage more teamwork and better communication across business units.
    It helps UA build a great team by advising UA HR on candidate resumes and mentoring of veteran hires. It also establishes a core team for UA GiveBack to tap into based on needs for various Pillars.

  • WILL (Women Inspiring, Leading and Living) intends to empower and enable ALL Under Armour Women to Inspire, Lead, and Live to achieve their highest potential. WILL aligns to 3 Pillars:
    1. Inspire - Act with Respect for All and Open Minds to New Ideas.
    2. Lead - Think Like Women of the Future and Cultivate Opportunities
    3. Live - Create Personal Growth and Perform Acts of Kindness within the Community

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