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Under Armour Careers


What's Your Game?

Every day, in every department, we work to push the gear, the game, and ourselves farther. If you’ve got the grit and dedication to reach for greater while staying humble, then we want to talk to you.


Talent Areas

Ready, at every level.

Here, we empower athletes and each other. We make leaps of innovation. We make sure teammates have what they need to grow with us, while helping our customers find what they need to be masters of their own game. And we do it all in every place that bears the Under Armour name around the world.

Our mission is created and driven in our Corporate offices, advanced through our Technology departments, hits the ground running from our Distribution centers, and lives in our Retail locations. So if you’re ready to join us, then there is only one question: which of our teams do you want to work with?